Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Livin' it Uptown.

       Workin on a new blog, in the living room of our new apartment in Minneapolis, in the great state of Minnesota. A little over one week, and this new nest of creativity is warming my soul in more ways than one. Each day screams with opportunity in a bitch-tone, all I hear is "Hey! Bitch you better get that shit done!", "Today will be over soon!! But step it up because after today there is also tonight!! You'll never get this day back!" ......."You better not waste ANY TIME!!". And I must admit, I enjoy that encouragement. You have to take what is yours in life, the ability to like, go to a park and paint a picture, not like take things you aren't supposed to take. (refer to Dexter, don't "TAKE IT!! like that.) Sorry to all who do not watch Dexter. 
                Moving on, life in Uptown is wonderful. Great food so far...Shout out to Savoy's and Pizza Luce'. Absolute deliciousness, if I had to choose a fav between the two....Savoy's is winning me over, mostly because to be completely honest, I'm a cheesy kind of girl. Seeing as I will eat anything that is considered "cheese". Slim Jim pack with the cheese, the cheese that is so delicious as it turns to particles in your mouth. MMMM. Yeah, I love milk in it's solid form. A whole friggin lot, and Savoy's....killin' it in the cheese-game.Like, I question if I could eat it with extra cheese. HA! Of course I could. But I am all about some Uptown food. Lyndale Taphouse for happy hour was a great choice to make. You gotta get hip to some gravy on some french fries!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!! And absolutely delicious Lousiana shrimp!! Only downside, got alot of spices and buttery-goodness on my fingers so was a bit messy, but the hot/moist towels helped there!! Looking forward to some bakeries and seafood spots in my near future!
            I have been listening to Yeezy's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" as I have been writing this. I really hope to at some point in my life, I wanna end up being totally schwasted in the V.I.P. area in some swanky place with Kanye. rappin with him in "Monster". It's been a rough ride with Yeezy, as a female, but I do appreciate the lyrics and rhythm. The honesty in "Runaway" always resonates in my head, appreciating Mr. West's display of character present throughout the entire track. I know, it came out a while back, well I still love this album, and I'll wear it out like a new pair of flats, complete with bows on the toes. 
               In closing, I'd like to thank you for reading, and stay-tuned for some sweet stuff!! :)


Thursday, February 3, 2011


Sometimes, things are fantastic. Sometimes, everything is fine. And yet still, sometimes, everything comes crashing in such a ( I keep trying not to type the f word but I just feel like it seriously needs to be stated after the "a" and I just can't think of any other word that would go better, I just feel like it needs to be there, like it just has to be there because that's exactly how it is! but I'm still gonna say it.) FUCKING way, that life seems to just pass, hours are things to be handled with longings of next month, next year, five-year anniversary ( never had one of those, always been curious).
    I keep wondering what exactly is the purpose behind this blog? Should I pour out my soul? Should I vent about my job as a chili-slangin server? Or should I just talk about how awesome it is to be in real love with someone? The type of love that you can't even write songs about because it's as if no words would ever be good enough to describe a love like this. Or should I talk about the family that I love so much that inspires me to try and be the best person I can be even if we argue constantly because we all have endured the "21st-Century Survival of the Fittest". The times where now it isn't a surprise if Mom or Dad has been remarried a few times and a slew of step-brothers and step-sisters are added to your family tree. I ramble.
      My name is Breezy, I'm 25, slightly depressed, in love, and know more about certain video-game zombies than a girl should. My Prince Charming actually got me to play with him the other night, I was hesitant, not because I knew I would suck, but because my fear of zombies is one of certain terror. I mean, this chick is completely horrified of the undead. I mean, I'm so scared of zombies that that is why I would like to own a gun, not because I have a vagina, well, that as well, but also because who knows when I'm going to be walking into my house one night and one of those 28 Days Later zombies comes out of nowhere and and goes straight for my jugular. I don't think zombies would be as scary if they couldn't groan, but they would be easily detected that way, but then we'd have to live in a completely silent world and that just wouldn't be ok, then I wouldn't get to listen to Weezy's "Green and Yellow" and that just WOULD NOT be ok. Go Packers.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Cloak of Invisibility

       I hate Winter, and I hate snow, and I hate copy-and pasting "t"'s more than anything. But, I am doing it yet again, and switching with the control-v option but that's just making me nauseas with the left to right eye-movement. I'll stick to copying and pasting since the only other available computer in the house is one made for left-handed people, so that one makes me feel like I keep pressing the wrong keys. Both drive me crazy, but I really can't complain, seeing as I have access to the internet and computers, even if they make me truly believe that I'm reincarnated from the fifties, a girl that longs for a day of wearing an apron, baking a pie as I stare out my kitchen window, gently smiling as I gaze at my perfect grass and white-picket fence. *cymbals crash* No, I'm here, it's 2011 and computers run the world, so I must adapt, even if it means constant migraines from staring  at this heavenly screen with it's halo-cursor. Stay blessed.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Call of Writing Duty

   The ending of a wonderful Saturday nite is right now. The Ying for my Yang is seated next to me on the left, I see his right hand hand through my left peripherals gently gripping his cigarette while shooting strangers around the globe through his video game console of choice. I on the other hand am getting lost in the Chicago soundtrack through his giant headphones, Rene' Zelwegger ( or however you spell it) 's voice is serenading me while I get lost in yet another computer screen. But this one has t's that work, it's pretty awesome. I think alot of people take t's for granted. I mean, everyone knows that vowels are important, but there are some pretty damn important consonants that you don't even think of until the moment comes when one doesn't work on your little sister's keyboard that you shouldn't be using since you were supposed to get a refurbished laptop for your birthday in October, but we're still waiting on a screen and it's January. Right? I hate the fact that I am fighting making smiley faces with semi-colons and closed parentheses. See what technology has done to us?? Well, some of us, neither of my two older brothers have ever used semi-colon-closed-parenthases-smiley faces with me. But then again, they also both own the movie Boyz N' The Hood and play in Fantasy Football leagues every year.
            Is it just me or does Richard Gere's singing voice make you just smile like an idiot? I don't know what it is about that guy but seriously, I'm pretty sure his role in Chicago put him at the top of the list with me, and he doesn't look too shabby with gray hair, that's a fear with women. How is he going to look with gray hair???? Hmmmm. Like Richard Gere??? I wouldn't mind. I gotta say, watching the view of a first-person shooter and listening to jazz music are probably two of the best things to ever happen. I keep getting  possessed by the piano rhythms, imagining that each push of a letter is a different key, feeling the music while my left eyes twitches from the recent flash-floods in the brain river. Time heals everything right? What we cannot change do we not ask for serenity? I used to. Now, as I'm kinda growing up, I realize that sometimes you just need to not give a fuck. Uh-Oh! F-word alert! I'm not going to apologize either. Welcome to my generation. The generation that watches Jersey Shore and recites Kanye West Lyrics as a daily ritual. The generation that is single-handedly bringing back the 80's, and last but not least, the generation that watched Ren and Stimpy.
               Well, it's almost five thirty, time to smoke a cigarette, drink some pop, maybe eat some trail mix and fall asleep next to my own albino gorilla underneath my micro-plush heated blanket that he got me for Christmas. Goodnight, or should I say Good Morning.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Me without the "t"

My name is Breezy, I'm a 25 year-old female, a proud Cincinnati-an and hip-hop obsessed, table-waiting, girl in love.
       I've always loved writing and giving my opinion, even when it is not desired. But, I must tell you something, I'm on my little sister's computer, and unfortunately, the "t" button does not work. Every "t" that you have seen up until this point has been tediously copied-and-pasted. So, for the remainder of this first blog, I will leave out the t's,  because honestly, it's annoying to continue the copy-and-paste nonsense.
      I'm siing on my Moher's couch, waching Zombieland for he God knows how manyh ime in he pas week. I am deahly afraid of Zombies, my wors fear in he world, and lucky for me, I have an amzing boyfriend ha likes o preend ha he is "re-animaing",( a zombie erm ha you zombie kids will know). Bu he is amazing, he loves me even hough I like o rap, he loves me even hough I make him ea anyhing ha I cook or bake and he pus up wih my shi.   Obviously, a girl obsessed wih giving her opinion is going o be hard o love, bu he makes i look easy. I'm saring on his now because I'm abou o begin he nex phase of my adul life, he final ime ha I'm leaving Mama's house, he beginning of my new life wih my complee oher half. he journey ino he unknown realm of new happiness, and wha already feels like he bes ime of my life.
       Only one hing sands in he way, saving money. I's going o be a lo of work, and ha means a lo of cusomers, and ha means a lo of diry looks, a lo of zipped lips and ied ongues, a lo of cheese-covered forks, he anxious rush of founain machines, and he clash of plaes like cracked cymbals. I means making money he old-fashioned and hones way, wha I refer o is P.K.A., "Professional Ass-Kisser", you see a lo of us everyday, all he ime. Bu don' worry abou me, I'll be he one wih pink-eye.