Thursday, January 6, 2011

Me without the "t"

My name is Breezy, I'm a 25 year-old female, a proud Cincinnati-an and hip-hop obsessed, table-waiting, girl in love.
       I've always loved writing and giving my opinion, even when it is not desired. But, I must tell you something, I'm on my little sister's computer, and unfortunately, the "t" button does not work. Every "t" that you have seen up until this point has been tediously copied-and-pasted. So, for the remainder of this first blog, I will leave out the t's,  because honestly, it's annoying to continue the copy-and-paste nonsense.
      I'm siing on my Moher's couch, waching Zombieland for he God knows how manyh ime in he pas week. I am deahly afraid of Zombies, my wors fear in he world, and lucky for me, I have an amzing boyfriend ha likes o preend ha he is "re-animaing",( a zombie erm ha you zombie kids will know). Bu he is amazing, he loves me even hough I like o rap, he loves me even hough I make him ea anyhing ha I cook or bake and he pus up wih my shi.   Obviously, a girl obsessed wih giving her opinion is going o be hard o love, bu he makes i look easy. I'm saring on his now because I'm abou o begin he nex phase of my adul life, he final ime ha I'm leaving Mama's house, he beginning of my new life wih my complee oher half. he journey ino he unknown realm of new happiness, and wha already feels like he bes ime of my life.
       Only one hing sands in he way, saving money. I's going o be a lo of work, and ha means a lo of cusomers, and ha means a lo of diry looks, a lo of zipped lips and ied ongues, a lo of cheese-covered forks, he anxious rush of founain machines, and he clash of plaes like cracked cymbals. I means making money he old-fashioned and hones way, wha I refer o is P.K.A., "Professional Ass-Kisser", you see a lo of us everyday, all he ime. Bu don' worry abou me, I'll be he one wih pink-eye.

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