Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Cloak of Invisibility

       I hate Winter, and I hate snow, and I hate copy-and pasting "t"'s more than anything. But, I am doing it yet again, and switching with the control-v option but that's just making me nauseas with the left to right eye-movement. I'll stick to copying and pasting since the only other available computer in the house is one made for left-handed people, so that one makes me feel like I keep pressing the wrong keys. Both drive me crazy, but I really can't complain, seeing as I have access to the internet and computers, even if they make me truly believe that I'm reincarnated from the fifties, a girl that longs for a day of wearing an apron, baking a pie as I stare out my kitchen window, gently smiling as I gaze at my perfect grass and white-picket fence. *cymbals crash* No, I'm here, it's 2011 and computers run the world, so I must adapt, even if it means constant migraines from staring  at this heavenly screen with it's halo-cursor. Stay blessed.

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