Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Livin' it Uptown.

       Workin on a new blog, in the living room of our new apartment in Minneapolis, in the great state of Minnesota. A little over one week, and this new nest of creativity is warming my soul in more ways than one. Each day screams with opportunity in a bitch-tone, all I hear is "Hey! Bitch you better get that shit done!", "Today will be over soon!! But step it up because after today there is also tonight!! You'll never get this day back!" ......."You better not waste ANY TIME!!". And I must admit, I enjoy that encouragement. You have to take what is yours in life, the ability to like, go to a park and paint a picture, not like take things you aren't supposed to take. (refer to Dexter, don't "TAKE IT!! like that.) Sorry to all who do not watch Dexter. 
                Moving on, life in Uptown is wonderful. Great food so far...Shout out to Savoy's and Pizza Luce'. Absolute deliciousness, if I had to choose a fav between the two....Savoy's is winning me over, mostly because to be completely honest, I'm a cheesy kind of girl. Seeing as I will eat anything that is considered "cheese". Slim Jim pack with the cheese, the cheese that is so delicious as it turns to particles in your mouth. MMMM. Yeah, I love milk in it's solid form. A whole friggin lot, and Savoy's....killin' it in the cheese-game.Like, I question if I could eat it with extra cheese. HA! Of course I could. But I am all about some Uptown food. Lyndale Taphouse for happy hour was a great choice to make. You gotta get hip to some gravy on some french fries!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!! And absolutely delicious Lousiana shrimp!! Only downside, got alot of spices and buttery-goodness on my fingers so was a bit messy, but the hot/moist towels helped there!! Looking forward to some bakeries and seafood spots in my near future!
            I have been listening to Yeezy's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" as I have been writing this. I really hope to at some point in my life, I wanna end up being totally schwasted in the V.I.P. area in some swanky place with Kanye. rappin with him in "Monster". It's been a rough ride with Yeezy, as a female, but I do appreciate the lyrics and rhythm. The honesty in "Runaway" always resonates in my head, appreciating Mr. West's display of character present throughout the entire track. I know, it came out a while back, well I still love this album, and I'll wear it out like a new pair of flats, complete with bows on the toes. 
               In closing, I'd like to thank you for reading, and stay-tuned for some sweet stuff!! :)


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