Thursday, February 3, 2011


Sometimes, things are fantastic. Sometimes, everything is fine. And yet still, sometimes, everything comes crashing in such a ( I keep trying not to type the f word but I just feel like it seriously needs to be stated after the "a" and I just can't think of any other word that would go better, I just feel like it needs to be there, like it just has to be there because that's exactly how it is! but I'm still gonna say it.) FUCKING way, that life seems to just pass, hours are things to be handled with longings of next month, next year, five-year anniversary ( never had one of those, always been curious).
    I keep wondering what exactly is the purpose behind this blog? Should I pour out my soul? Should I vent about my job as a chili-slangin server? Or should I just talk about how awesome it is to be in real love with someone? The type of love that you can't even write songs about because it's as if no words would ever be good enough to describe a love like this. Or should I talk about the family that I love so much that inspires me to try and be the best person I can be even if we argue constantly because we all have endured the "21st-Century Survival of the Fittest". The times where now it isn't a surprise if Mom or Dad has been remarried a few times and a slew of step-brothers and step-sisters are added to your family tree. I ramble.
      My name is Breezy, I'm 25, slightly depressed, in love, and know more about certain video-game zombies than a girl should. My Prince Charming actually got me to play with him the other night, I was hesitant, not because I knew I would suck, but because my fear of zombies is one of certain terror. I mean, this chick is completely horrified of the undead. I mean, I'm so scared of zombies that that is why I would like to own a gun, not because I have a vagina, well, that as well, but also because who knows when I'm going to be walking into my house one night and one of those 28 Days Later zombies comes out of nowhere and and goes straight for my jugular. I don't think zombies would be as scary if they couldn't groan, but they would be easily detected that way, but then we'd have to live in a completely silent world and that just wouldn't be ok, then I wouldn't get to listen to Weezy's "Green and Yellow" and that just WOULD NOT be ok. Go Packers.

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