Thursday, October 11, 2012


I never read Alice In Wonderland. I plan on it eventually. I feel like there are certain books that you just have to read, like it's disrespectful to not read books of that magnitude. Books that have survived the test of time and keep on going. Books that have changed lives and brought a message to anyone that fed their mind with it. Especially the ones that have a message, even if you can't understand the message until years later. I saw the Disney movie of Alice in Wonderland. (of course) Truth be told, the cheshire cat freaked me out when he would just pop up places. But now, my recently-turned-twenty-seven self is thinking about the rabbit. The rabbit always checking his clock. I've learned that as an adult, we are all chasing the clock. We just want to catch it, sit it down, and don't let it move. You want to yell at it at the same time that you beg for mercy. Pleading through gritted-teeth for just one free day, at this point you say hell with the day. You'll take an hour, just one free hour that won't go down on the books. Please, Time! Please just help me! Be on my side for once! At least just slow down, or at least add some minutes! But Time doesn't listen, and that bastard clock just sits and stares at you scathingly, head half-cocked.          One of the saddest realizations of adults is time is never on your side, it's been you this whole time. You just have to realize that you are the pimp and Time is YOUR bitch. I hope the wasn't offensive, but I don't really care if you do. This is my blog, this is where I have the freedom to write down my words. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, freedom.

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